Maintenance & Improvements

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Lawn Mowing

original site Lawn mowing is provided by Ward+Thornton on Friday of each week during the growing season, weather permitting.

her latest blog Large/fast growing weeds and grasses will be removed by hand, others may be sprayed.

Please refrain from watering your lawn after Thursday Morning until the Friday services are completed.  It is recommended that all watering times be moved to early morning hours on the day the system runs.

Please check the website for advance notice of fertilization/shrub spray, this will be posted 2 days in advance of the service being provided.  Once the process is complete a sign will be posted on the end of each street.


Services include:

  • Cutting the grass at a height of 3-3 1/2 inches using push mowers
  • String trimming of all edges where lawn meets hard surfaces, fences, and mulched areas
  • Blowing of clippings from all walkways, drives, patios and other hard surfaces
  • Bed maintenance
  • Lot and curb vegetation control



Spring Services:

  • Small tree/shrub dormant oil for insect control (February-March)
  • Slow release fertilizer & crabgrass pre-emergent (March-April)
  • Landscape bed clean-up, pruning for liriope, certain hydrangeas, roses, spiraea, barberry and edging.  Any perennials (Ex. Liriope) or grasses not cut back in the fall will be addressed during this visit. In addition, any Spring flowering shrubs (Ex. Lilac, Viburnum, etc.) will not be part of this Spring prune. (March-April)
  • Liquid broadleaf herbicide (March-May)
  • Small tree/shrub general spray for insect control (April-May)
  • Slow release fertilizer with spot treatment for broadleaf weeds and preventative grub control (May-June)

Summer Services:

  • Planting of  floral annuals – Common Area only (Late May/Early June)
  • Mulch turning (Late July- August)

  • Pruning of evergreen, deciduous shrubs, ornamental and shade trees.  Certain shrubs/trees may not be pruned during this visit as not to disrupt their bloom cycle or maturity of new growth.  (June-August)
  • Small tree shrub spray for insect control and mites (July-August)
  • Slow release fertilizer with broadleaf spray (July-August)

Autumn Services:

    • First Fall pruning of evergreen, deciduous shrubs, ornamental and shades trees as needed.  (September)

    • Slow-release fertilizer (September-October)
    • Small tree/shrub spray for insect control (September-October)
    • Second Fall Pruning for ornamental grass and perennial clean-up such as Daylily’s, Black Eyed Susan, Karl Forester grasses etc.  (November)

    • Leaf cleanup for lawn and landscape beds (November)

*All pruning visits are to maintain current size, shape, and health of shrubs

**Newly planted or smaller shrubs will be pruned minimally during prune visits to allow for natural maturing to occur.

If you have additional questions not answered on this website please contact Ward Thornton directly at 513-683-6426 or via their website under contact us.

Snow & Ice Management

What areas are serviced by our HOA fees?

The driveway and the pathway from your front door to the driveway and the Summit Cove street, which is a private drive.

What areas are serviced by the City of Blue Ash or Traditions Building Group?

All streets except Summit Cove as noted above.

What areas are not serviced?

There will be no service for the sidewalk from your front porch to the city sidewalk, the city sidewalks, and the sidewalks in the pocket parks.

When will snow services be rendered?

Authorizing our landscape contractor to provide snow and ice management services is a subjective decision made in consultation with our landscape contractor.  There are general guidelines:

  • Snow will be removed when it reaches a depth of 2″
  • The forecast indicates that it will not melt on its own
  • Continuing snowfall, temperatures, icy conditions, drifts and wind

Cost may also be a factor as each service is billed on a time and materials basis.  Streets will be treated with rock salt while all other surfaces will be treated with calcium.  Services will be rendered as soon as the landscape contractor’s resources are available.

What if I need snow removed before the services are rendered?

There may be times that the decision is made not to provide service, or service will not be rendered in the timeframe you desire, or you want to have your sidewalk from your front porch to the city sidewalk serviced.  In cases like those, you are welcome to make your own arrangements with someone to provide the service you desire at your own expense.

Snow Captain

Robin Miller

The neighborhood has a Snow Captain who is the point person to determine when our homes will be shoveled and plowed. We want to make sure we are managing the budget for snow removal and Robin makes these important decisions.

In the event of a landscaping issue needing immediate attention please contact Ward + Thornton directly at 513-683-6426 or via their website under Contact Us.

Improvement Process

Any changes to your exterior must be approved before any work takes place to ensure harmony of design, color, and location to surrounding structures and topography. Some examples of changes are painting, adding handrails, window boxes, satellite dishes, deck and room additions, and landscaping.

Please read the Improvement Guidelines on the Resources page prior to completing your application. To apply for a change to your exterior, follow the instructions on the Improvement Application.