Do you know of someone in need in our community? Someone having surgery or requiring medical treatment that makes everyday living difficult. We have a Sunshine Organizer that will help you gather neighbors to help those in need.

How does it work? When you hear of someone in need, you should suggest that their neighbors are ready and willing to help. You should ask the person in need if they are okay with sharing their need/story with the neighborhood. If you get the green light, call or email Elaine Widmeyer with the name, address, and specific need. You and Elaine will work together to share with our neighborhood and to plan/organize what is needed. You can also feel free to contact Elaine directly if you are in need. Elaine can be reached at 513.314.8551 or

When we know of someone in need, we will solicit their closest neighbors or the neighborhood (depending on need)  to see who is available to help, giving all residents an opportunity to participate when needed. Some of the things we could help with are: preparing meals, running errands, walking pets, getting the mail, etc. Or we can simply communicate with the neighborhood so cards and/or prayers can be sent along with individual acts of kindness.